A Fresh Ambition

HKR Collections is now recognized as a major market player in its field and as one of the most popular brands among customers.  Its position and original style have been reinforced over the past fifteen years due to professional and long-lasting in-depth efforts concerning overall company operation.

A targeted ‘’co-branding’’ strategy with the LONDON-T label enables the brand to develop an international outlook yet to be attained by a specialized brand.

The intensive installation of the brand inside the main Department Stores, on-line Shopping Sites both in and out of Montreal.  HKR Collections allows the brand to express itself in order to offer both complimentary and attractive styling for our Customers who have a “Passion for Fashion”.

These essential developments enable HKR Collections to attain an unavoidable brand position in Canada and to nurture a legitimate ambition in the United States and even Europe which will set the stage for cultural expression.


375 Crémazie Ouest
Montréal, Qc, H2N 2H9,

Phone: +1 514-384-HKRC
Email: adm@hkr-c.com


If you are interested in HKR COLLECTIONS and wish to join the “Retail” Team. 
Send your CV to: careers@hkr-c.com.

Our Brand

HKR Collections is a wide and original label which has stayed true to its successful style while always trying to reinvent itself.

We consider ourselves a fashion forward phenomenon that is always working diligently in the styling department to bring you a constant change in product following the trends closely.

HKR Collections products represent the best of quality and are synonymous of quality tailoring, garment accessories and excellent fabrics, which we are always working to perfect and lead the fashion trends.

  • HKR Collections have been operating successfully for more than 30 years in Montreal.
  • We always apply equitable and reasonable prices
  • We commercialize the best quality and best value stock items

A Positive Force For People


HKR’s Passion has and will always be to give our customers the highest quality fashion at affordable prices.  We believe that the smallest details on a garment can enhance any look, whether its a casual day or dressing up your outfit for an evening out.  We want to give you an edge when you wear our clothes, we all know that Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.


We are always trying to maintain close relationships with our customers as you are the backbone of HKR Collections. We strive to make your shopping Experience at HKR a good one with continual competitive pricing, ongoing sales, updated stock and a sales staff that is more than happy to Serve you.
Canadian and United States customers have requested an online shopping experience and we will always strive to give you the same competitive prices and current fashion on a regular basis. We are always working hard to make sure YOU the HKR Customer is happy with your purchases.
A special thanks to all our customers who have supported us these past 30 years!

Meet our models

HKR is happy to serve such a diverse and multicultural clientele. Meet our models.

I am Olivia, I am half Trini and Polish. I have a huge passion for food, I have been in the restaurant industry my whole life. I don t eat to live, I live to eat!.

Olivia is 29 years old she is 5ft 8 and wears a small top and small & medium bottom (jeans 28)


I am Essence and I am 37. I put the essence on everythanggg. I am a Leo which means I love to be seen when wearing a statement. U feel good when U look good!

Essence is 5'9 - wears an Large/XL top and dress wears XL pant or size 14/32


I am Emma and I am 18. My goal is to navigate the in’s and outs of life while trying to find my self-confidence and love for myself. It is time to accept and embrace our beauty and define multiple types of beauty.

Emma is 5'4 - wears a XS-Small top and dress and bottom she is size Small/25


I am Kristina and I love adventures and being spontaneous. I'd like to travel around the world, as well as explore new places and experiences.

Kristina is 24 years old and is 5'7 she wears a size 26 Jeans, XS-SMALL pants & tops


I am Ana. I love to scuba dive. There is no doubt that ocean life is vast, mysterious and so beautiful.

Ana is 17 years old she is 5ft 4 and wears a xs-small top and xs-small bottom (jeans sz 25)


I am Florencia and I am 22, I am an immigrant from Argentina. I am an orthopedic technician in the pediatrics field. I love kids and dedicated my life to help them walk, run and have fun!

Florencia is 5'7 - wears a Small-Medium top or dress and bottom is Medium/Size 28


I am Sehvanna, I am a high school student and enjoy playing the guitar and trumpet. In my free time I sketch and paint.

Sehvanna is 13 years old she is 5ft 5 and wears a small top & bottom (jeans sz 27)


My name is Chloe and I am 18 years old. I love spending time with my friends and family. My faith is a huge part of who I am. One of my many goals in life is to live for Christ and showcase His Glory.

Chloe is 5'4 - wears a XS-Small top or dress and bottom is XS/Size 25


I am Mia and I am 14. I am Colombian with the Canadian spirit at heart. I strive to one day become a famous soccer player and be a role model for thousands of children showing them if you want it, you go get it!

Mia is 5'6 - wears a XS-Small top or dress and bottom is Small/Size 25


My name is Stella and I am 18. I am an immigrant from Brazil and I have been in Canada for 6 years now. I am an illustration student at Dawson College and on my free time I like to model for my photographer friend.

Stella is 5'5 - wears a XS-Small top or dress and bottom is XS/Size 25


I am Julianne and I am 15. I love to sing and skateboard. I express myself through makeup, song and poem writing. I am a very confident person and I love to help others.

Juliane is 5'6 - wears a Small top or dress and bottom is Small/Size 25


I am Mahsa, I was born in Iran, but moved here at the age of 3. I am currently a University student majoring in math and computer science.

Mahsa is 20 years old she is 5ft 8 and wears a small-medium top and medium bottom (jeans sz 28)


I am Corey-Ann and I am 21. I am currently studying plastering. I compete in Ballroom dancing and that consumes all my time just like a full-time job.

Corey Ann is 5'5 - wears a Small top or dress and bottom is Small/Size 26


Happy Customers

We look our best in subdued colors, sophisticated cuts, and a general air of sleek understatement. I believe in comfort.